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NEN 3140 Instructed Person

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Want to be allowed to perform work without having an electrical engineering qualification? Follow the ROVC NEN 3140 Instructed Person training course!


Is it your job to carry out simple activities on electrical installations, or do you want to be qualified as an NEN 3140 Instructed Person? And is English your preferred language? Then this is the perfect training course for you. The training course takes one full day, half of which will be spent in our practical lab. Among other things, you will learn how to replace fuses and how to correctly use personal protective equipment.

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Who is this training course for?

Is it your job to carry out simple activities on electrical installations, or do you want to be qualified as a NEN 3140 Instructed Person? Then the NEN 3140 Instructed Person training course is perfect for you. You will be trained for level: Check. No specific prior technical education is required for this course.

  • Discussing your work environment through workplace assignments
  • How to work safely in electrical engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • How to disconnect electrical installations from the power supply following predetermined steps
  • Working, measuring or operating a powered installation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Cases about the above subjects as preparation for the practical lab sessions

Study LoadThe study load for this training is 9 hours, comprising 7 hours of training and an estimated 2 hours of preparation per course day. Questions, cases and assignments can be accessed through the online learning environment.


  • Unlimited access to the course materials via MyROVC
  • Interaction with the instructor (up to 2 months after completion)
  • Access to e-learnings via EasyGenerator for 1 year
Practical lab

The NEN 3140 Instructed Person training course contains a half-day practical covering the following:

  • The correct use of personal protection equipment
  • Replacing fuses
  • Resetting thermal packages
  • Replacing fluorescent lamps, starters, wall sockets and light switches
  • Disconnecting and connecting electric motors

Throughout the course, we will assess active participation, correct application of the learned skills and the ability to apply what you have learned in practice. If you pass, you will receive a company-recognised certificate and your employer can appoint you to be a NEN 3140 Instructed Person.


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